Posted on May 2, 2021 4:31 pm
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The key to Michael Hippke’s maverick methodology is gravitational lensing. It’s an interesting feature of Einstein’s theory of general relativity, and from Asa Stahl’s reckoning it’s akin to using a magnifying lens to burn a leaf by focusing a powerful beam of light at celestal targets. Of course it requires some extra tech which demands time and patience. On the other tentacle, we’re hoping the denizens around Proxima Centauri didn’t have an accident as Harry Baker reports Proxima Centauri Shoots Out Humongous Flare With Big Implications For Alien Life. More like alien death, amirite? While red dwarfs are long-lived, they’re prone to outbursts which may diminish chances of making first contact. Yet with the surge in discoveries of exoplanets, suggesting infinite diversity in infinite combinations, why are humans so keen to believe Earth is the only destination for alien visitors? Rich Reynolds succinctly outlines The Madness We Are Part Of. For example, Russia’s Cosmonaut Kononenko Says He Believes In Aliens and according to the TASS news service, Oleg is quite laconic upon the matter. (CS)

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