Posted on April 29, 2021 4:40 pm
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We begin a quartet of articles from The Institute of Hispanic Ufology with this “still” from a video. Perhaps more interesting is the moving footage, which shows another light source from about six to nine seconds into the video, beginning in the upper left. This resolves itself into a shape remarkably like that in the July 2019 USS Russell “pyramid” footage before it fades out as it moves downwards and to the right. Argentina: The Cerro Pajarillo Burn Mark takes us back to 1986, and a remarkable feature that was associated, rightly or wrongly, with a fairly dramatic UFO report. Roberto Oscar Appendino speaks of a powerful personal experience just one year before the prior tale, with Yo Fui Testigo (“I Was a Witness”)-Pursued by a Probe. We’re not sure the story justifies the title, but the experience seems to have set the young enthusiast more firmly on the path to a lifelong immersion in the UFO subject. And Luis Burgos gives us what Scott Corrales terms “A remembrance of a journey literally into the heart of darkness” in Astounding Tales-First Journey to Tacuarembo (Uruguay). It covers the vicissitudes investigators experienced while researching a case in 1977. (WM)

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