Posted on April 29, 2021 4:40 pm
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This “Redfernfest” of stories begins with Nick sketching the very early history of the highly secretive Nevada base. Nick makes the point that the recent notorious “land-grabbing” around the base actually has a long history. Pivoting to The Roswell “UFO” Affair: “Serious Business”, Nick discusses a lost opportunity to have opened up the most famous and notorious of UFO cases. Next Nick notes Radar and Its Importance in the Field of Ufology: Tracking the Unknowns. It’s a brief primer in how radar works, and a catalogue of five outstanding cases. Turning to the subject of one of his most recent books, Nick presents Rendlesham Forest’s “Radar Ruse” and a Secret Experiment: Hiding the Truth. While admitting a strange morsel of information could be interpreted in the “traditional” sense, Nick argues it could just as well support his theory of a “sham” Rendlesham ET incursion. And in UFOs and Radar: When a Mysterious “Thing” Isn’t Really There he explains how–and even through whose agency–the required radar “spoofing” may have occurred. (WM)

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