Posted on May 3, 2021 4:27 pm
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This major piece from an eminent mainstream media source starts on a note that’ll make many ufologists cringe. But it’s a serious attempt to grapple with the apparent change in the Government’s public response to the UFO problem. Gideon Lewis-Kraus chronicles events in an even-handed way. Despite the need to summarize and compress such a vast subject, the result is impressive. Journalist Leslie Kean is the focus around whom others, named and unnamed, revolve. Are U.F.O.s a National Security Threat? concerns the author’s journey in writing this article. Lewis-Kraus’ concluding statement is revealing: “I feel like the more I look into this [UFOs], the less I know about it.” And Chris Rutkowski’s The Metamodern UFO (or UAP) (or USO) (or UAO) (or Whatever) critique of the ufological field at this particular juncture is both trenchant and discomfiting. It’s got Bryan Sentes thinking about Facts, Truth, Meaning, and the “Metamodern” UFO. Agreeing to a point with Chris, Bryan provides an historical background behind his verdict “so it has always been” about the communicative gap between the two ufological camps Rutkowski describes. Sentes’ conclusion points to a more general “pressing concern” whose solution we hope he’ll further elucidate. (WM)

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