Posted on May 2, 2021 4:31 pm
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While the provenance of these shoreline bones are well known, it doesn’t stop the locals and Val Sweeney from making good fun of their re-discovery by a new neighbor. Still, looking at Hannah Burns’s snap it’s not very hard not to humor this flight of fancy. While we’re at it, our very own Patrick Huyghe wants to share this vintage clip of To Tell The Truth where Tom Poston, Peggy Cass, Orson Bean, and Kitty Carlisle need to determine which contestant is Loch Ness Monster Expert Roy Mackal. The field of cryptozoology isn’t all fun and games, as Micah Hanks notes, since The CIA Once Investigated Odd Allegations About This Famous Cryptozoologist. That man’s name? Tom Slick, no stranger in cryptid and spook circles, who has no official relationship with the CIA but apparently he and former CIA director Allen Dulles go back. Way back. (CS)

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