Posted on April 30, 2021 4:37 pm
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In reviewing Raymond Fowler’s recent book UFOs: The Ultimate Abduction, Sean Casteel describes how Fowler developed a more nuanced view of UFOs than his original “nuts-and-bolts” notion. David Halperin considers his own odyssey in “Intimate Alien: The Hidden Story of the UFO”-Two Reviews, an Interview. Here Halperin acknowledges the intensely personal element underpinning his book, as noted by others. Hakan Blomqvist’s UFO Research and the Esoteric Paradigm-A Guide for Students and Investigators offers another “take” beyond “the orthodox reductionist-materialist paradigm” in “a life long search for the deeper existential questions.” A Jacques Vallee quote, actually from Volume 2 of his memoirs, introduces and links to Blomqvist’s extensive writings on the Esoteric Tradition. Readers will note the numerous articles on “Contactees and Esotericism.” Blomqvist deals with Contacteeism in his The Days of the Space Brothers, itself the title of Moira McGhee’s 2020 work. Blomqvist believes the Early Contactee period “is one area of research that has been neglected, especially by American ufologists.” (WM)

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