Posted on April 25, 2021 4:54 pm
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We look back in time starting with a most frightening Nick Redfern article, bearing upon one of the Most Fundamental of UFO cases. It’s almost a relief to turn to Nick’s Robot or Monster? Looking Back at a Classic Case from the Early Years of UFOs. But something that “was hideous, fear-inducing and downright monstrous” qualifies as only a relative respite. Nick then returns to Roswell for When Investigating a UFO Case Can Turn Sinister…VERY Sinister. This story will likely at least leave an unsettling feeling in your stomach. There’s not a huge “letup” either when Brent Swancer relates The Bizarre Mystery of the Spitzbergen UFO Crash. This tale gets weirder and weirder, Brent commenting “there seems to be little to link any of this to an actual factual basis.” Nick Redfern has previously connected the wild and mutating Spitzbergen narrative to nefarious governmental tale-spinning, as he’s focused on the circling of a related passage with the word “PLANT” written in the margins of an NSA-held document. (WM)

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