Posted on April 28, 2021 4:43 pm
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Video from the July 2019 Naval Encounters with unidentifieds off the U.S. West Coast continues to make news and controversy. Jeremy Corbell dribbles out an “additional still image from video” appearing like a less-cropped earlier snap of the USS Omaha object. Corbell does add the July 15th and 11pm PST date/time data for the parent video’s genesis. Mick West adds more work on the much-debated USS Russell “pyramid video” with “Pyramid UFO” – New Footage. It’s Just Bokeh, Not a Pyramid. West makes a key point about a statement in the August 14, 2020, Pentagon “Establishment of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.” Friendly arch-skeptic Robert Sheaffer summarizes work Mick West and others did on the entire pyramid video touted by Corbell at The Navy’s Triangle Bokeh UFO Video Shows Jupiter and Stars. In UFO Expert Debunks Navy Footage of Mysterious Pyramid-shaped Objects Steven Greenstreet and West “put a bow” on the mundane explanation for the Russell imagery. We’ll need more corroborating evidence from Corbell on this one, while the Omaha footage allegedly depicting a “transmedium vehicle” may ultimately be more important. (WM)

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